Nicely written, Lisa Canon captures many of the reasons why marketing automation platforms are so popular. However, please recognize as you read through this, the metrics and reasons expressed can apply anywhere in the customer lifecycle. Remember, the customer lifecycle is all about the customer and metrics like those identified here, can apply to any stage of the customer's life experience with your company. Thy can occur as a Prospect, during Acquisition, Conversation, Penetration, Retention and ReAcquisition.

The image above, like the metrics described, is more about a transaction than it is a customer. You have to apply it to your customer lifecycle definition. A "Closed-Won" opportunity is just that - an opportunity that has been won. It doesn't mean the customer has been converted to your brand, product or company for the long-haul. It just means you won the deal.

If you want to score the customer lifecycle then develop your metrics around the customer - not the opportunity. An opportunity is singular. A customer goes through that buying cycle many, many times and your customer lifecycle metrics need to reflect those behaviors, time frame and value of the entire lifecycle of the customer.