It must be one of the "secrets of the trade." Marketers count on short-term memory loss in their customers.

As mentioned earlier, we are tracking the email marketing of a $100M+ retailer. So far nearly 80 email offers received over the lat 3 months or so. One of the offers that sticks out is the "Last Chance for Free Shipping." Only it's not the last chance. The "free shipping" offer with "last chance", "2 days left" and "ends tomorrow" type of language has been received no less than 15 times.

Do they really think the customer is going to believe them the next time they say "Last chance...?" Nope. They're banking on the belief that customers have short-term memory loss OR that customers don't believe what they say anyway, so they can say whatever they want just to get a response.

Brings to the forefront why "truth in advertising" laws came into place in the first place. And it's a no-so-subtle reminder that when talking about "relationship marketing", "customer lifecycle marketing" or the "customer journey" it's important to be honest and truthful in your marketing.