Wouldn't it be wonderful to have an app that let's everyone in the family know where everyone is, at all times and in all places. Parents would love it. Kids would hate it - especially the teenagers. And some spouses would never stand for it. This little marvel of an app could not only identify location but send timely and relevant messages to members of the family using location based data. Example, Joe stops at the gas station to fill up his car on the way home from work and instantly he gets a text message from his wife asking him to pick up a gallon of milk and bring it home.

Well such an app exists and it's called Life360. Life360 has been around for nearly six years and now has 100 million users identifying 45 million families around the globe. Their goal: to be the hub of family life.

Now consider the headline above, there are no secrets on the web... and everything is on the web. Life360 is amassing a treasure trove of data, using location based information to build out the physical habits of your life. Already 100 million people are comfortable with this level of tracking and have willingly opted into use of the app. It's only 1.4% of the earth's population, but it's a pretty big sample size.

Now think of the possibilities for services and use by marketers at companies such as healthcare providers, medical practitioners, home security systems that turn on and off based on a member of the family entering or leaving the house, utilities companies, life style companies, etc. These are already in the works with such well known brands as ADT, NEST (Google), BMW and others.

Now consider the ability for Life360 to partner up with LifeLock, the identity theft protection company; IBM's Watson and their cognitive computing platform deployed in a SAAS model; Nike for personal training and health improvement and a host of local, state and federal government agencies that would love to protect you and save you from the next terrorist event or wacko that is on the loose in your town.

Clearly this data is given to Life360 under a halo of trust. The customers that subscribe to their service have opted-in and trust that the company will not abuse the privilege of all the very personal information they have given to them. When mapped to a database such as Zillow or the local county assessor records or blueprints from the developer of the neighborhood, Life360 will literally be able to tell how long a person is in the kitchen, the bedroom, the bathroom and the backyard. Sending a text message to the subscriber literally when the refrigerator is open (think smart fridge as a device in the "Internet of Things" world) and Life360 becomes a massive "big data" platform. All kinds of messaging opportunities within and between the family members becomes possible.

My point for marketers is this: relationships of trust are critical for the success and growth of your business; and customer lifecycle marketing or customer journeys - however you want to frame is in its infancy.