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The Lifecycle Marketing Butterfly Effect | MediaPost

This is a cute analogy but I think it misses the monumental impact of how the "butterfly effect" bridges into a defined customer lifecycle.  Let me illustrate:

Years ago, I worked for a company where 90% of first time buyers were "satisfied."  Sadly, only 10% of those same satisfied customers came back and made a 2nd purchase.  From a profitability perspective this was devastating on the over-all financial health of the company.

In another business in which I worked, in the international payments industry, it took 7 payments for a customers to become "converted."  Meaning, a new customer acquisition didn't actually happen until 7 transactions had occurred.  Once that 7th trade occurred, renewal / retention rates soared to greater than 90%.

In both of these example, the "butterfly effect" literally was a small thing, early in the customer lifecycle, but with monumental financial impacts down the road.  Without observing and knowing these key leverage points, the companies continued to pour big dollars into acquisition efforts within little profitable return on the investment.

The "butterfly effect" is a cute idea and I appreciate the authors clever way of bringing it to the forefront, but my advance is to translate it into hard tracking metrics in your own defined customer lifecycle.

Metrics & ROI - Five Components of Measuring Return on Customer Engagement | MarketingProfs

This is good commentary, but it's also naive to suggest that companies must have these five things in place first BEFORE pursuing lifecycle marketing.  If marketers take this advice literally, these five components will become insurmountable barriers to implementing customer lifecycle marketing.  My suggestion is to continuously improve in these areas but don't wait.  Lifecycle marketing can benefit you now.  There is no reason to wait until you arrive in nirvana and have all five components in place before you start and reap the benefits of engagement with customers across the entire lifecycle of their experience with your company.  Do it now! :)

Bill Nussey Navigates Silverpop's Future With IBM

Nice opinion piece on the future of marketing and how some of it has been built on the past of email marketing.  It's the personalization of the marketing experience that absolutely correct - and of course that IBM has been chasing this vision for quite some time.

IBM was a large client of a company I worked for several years back and I had opportuntiy to engage deeply with leader across several divisions.  The two that stuck out most were Global Services and Software.  Both IGS (IBM Global Services) saw the marketing zone first, followed by the software division.  Now that both are "in the zone" and it's being led by Ginny at the top and the excitement around Watson, and cognitive computing, we are clearly in the early stages of what marketing, or 1 to 1 relationships will become - all through the advancements in technology.

Dark Mail will hide everything in your email

I'm not buying it.  There are no secrets on the web... and everything is on the web.  Like all software development, once it is invented, the next team or group of individuals will figure out a way to overcome the barriers it creates.  This is the natural march of progress.

However, I do like the idea that control of access is held by the individual instead of by the publisher or creator of the software.  This is fundamentally correct and places responsibility and accountability on the sender or recipient of the message.

Which to Choose for Great Online Marketing: ExactTarget or Pardot?

Pardon me while I chuckle about the early reference for "work at home mom's".  Neither of these products are geared for small, work at home mom's - unless of course the mom is a corporate marketing manager and runs company's digital marketing activities.

If in reality you are a small business, being run out of your home, go look at Constant Contact, InfusionSoft, HatchBuck or maybe even HubSpot.  But ExactTarget or Pardot?  No way.

Mr & Mrs Smith opts for personalisation IT | CIOL

Brilliant win for Sailthru.  The boutique luxury hotel market plays well to their strengths in personalization.  Also, love to see the strategic thinking of tying the messaging system to the inside sales team.  This will pay huge dividends as they build out the business rules, data and content to serve up key messages to the telephone team based on messaging interactions.

All Senders Get Blacklisted, But Smart Ones Manage Risk | MediaPost

Couldn't agree more than with the sentiments expressed here.  I started email marketing back in 1995 with a 500 name sample of current buying customers.  Within the next twelve months of starting our migration from print to electronic, we were black-listed and it was a royal pain to get off of their lists.  We were sending only to existing 12 month customers and we had to kow-tow to the almighty spam blockers.

I recognize their value in the market, but even legitimate, opt-in only marketers still get blacklisted.

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