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IBM And Twitter Announce Partnership | Business Insider

Well, it's about time.  Glad to see that IBM, one of the companies that epitomize enterprise computing, is hooking up with Twitter in order to deliver bid data analytics for the use of large enterprise.

This relationship moves the entire industry forward towards customer lifecycle management for enterprises.  It helps address the need of large enterprises dealing with big data when attempting to analyze the behaviors of enterprise customers.

The diagnostics necessary and the computing horsepower required to monitor, listen and aggregate the data of 100,000 employees (think GM, Wal-Mart, Citi, Sony, etc.) across the global web, into cohesive, concise conclusions is monumental.  Watson Analytics has the horsepower and cognitive computing capabilities, but it needs the social data of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others to fulfill it's promise.

The same could be said for healthcare solutions when Watson Analytics is working to monitor, listen and aggregate global audience interactions for healthcare concerns like Ebola.  Would the U.S. government like to subscribe to Watson Analytics in order to contain an Ebola outbreak?  You bet they would.  And would the Firehose of Twitter be useful in that aggregation process and real-time analytics process?  Yep.

This is a big-time deal and has the potential to drive large-scale innovations and impacts across the global technology eco-system.

Publishers' Top Email Marketing Pain Points |MarketingProfs Article

This shouldn't be much of a surprise.  Magazine publishers have deep circulation expertise, which is a great direct marketing skill to have; but it does not translate directly into marketing automation, email marketing and dynamic content.  For this you really need to add to a deep technology skill set and strong process design capabilities.

How do I know?  I was Circulation Director for a BPA qualified magazine with over 200,000 paid subscribers, including newsstand distribution.

Publishers are in a great position to leverage the latest messaging platforms, but they will have to beef up on the technology skill sets withing their circulation departments.  And they will have to combine editorial direction with circulation skills in order to deliver relevant dynamic content to their readers.

Marketing Automation Is Driving More Money (and Accountability) for Marketers | ClickZ

As the author says - don't wait!  But do read between the lines.  Notice that she ever so slightly makes that case that you need to start with customer lifecycle use cases.

If you're going to start with customer lifecycle use cases, might I suggest, you need to have a defined customer model in place before you can create the use case that fits your customer model.  Even it's is rudimentary, define your customer model and build it up over time if necessary.

Salesforce’s Reinvention As A Marketing Behemoth | TechCrunch

Worthwhile commentary and observations, but it's too positive.  The Pardot acquisition (a marketing automation platform) sits in the Saleforce "sales silo" and is not even included in their "marketing cloud."

In addition, Salesforce is moving upmarket with their pricing strategy.  One of the benefits of SaaS solutions or cloud solutions is that they can be consumed on a month-to-month basis.  Now this is not true of all SaaS solutions, but for those that are pursuing the SMB market, this is a big advantage.  Assuming what we are seeing is accurate across the board, Salesforce is migrating to an annual subscription process and away from the month-to-month options.  Makes complete sense for mid-size to large enterprises.  Also, makes sense from a cash management and receivables management perspective - but it is a move away from a customer friendly practice that is attractive to SMB companies.  Hence, it is a move up market.

Playing the Long Game: Testing Cohorts vs. Content |

Nicely said Cassie.  This is also why it's important take the long view and use a Customer Lifecycle in your analysis.  Too often marketers focus on campaign results or product promotion results and completely ignore customer lifecycle analysis.  It's an old story from the magazine publishing world that although promotions like a sneaker phone may drive rate base, it destroys Conversion and Retention numbers.  The same still applies.  Free shipping, free add-ons and free anything can move the short-term revenue needle, but keep your eye on the value of the customer and if they convert well, buy broad into your product / service set and stay with your company, year-over-year.

Focusing on the customer lifecycle is one of the most compelling ways to drive revenue and profits, but it takes patience and deep analysis - sometimes years.

Marketing Cloud data will appear in Wave | Matt Marshall

Meaningful and substantive, but you have read between the lines and apply it to your business.  When the software becomes interactive and maps the customer journey without human interaction then we'll be in the space where Watson from IBM lives.  Cognitive computing on a massive enterprise level is the requirement for global companies or even simply big brands.

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