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Map the Customer Buying Journey and Lifecycle. | 4Hoteliers

The best advice I could give to anyone embarking on customer lifecycle marketing, enabled with marketing automation is this - keep it simple.  The simpler the better.  Start slow.  Keep your expectations realistic...and get your analytics in place.  Very little is gained if your customer lifecycle marketing is so complex that you cannot derive predictable, reliable results.

Consider how you will build your control groups and apply the discipline of A/B splits and make sure your analytics will support it...and that it fits with what is happening in your customer lifecycle marketing.  

If not, a few months or years down the road, you'll have all this great technology deployed and will be flying by the seat of your pants with no idea of what actually produces revenues or profits.

Build it right.

Study Finds 60% of Abandoned Cart Emails Generate Revenue | KoMarketing Associates

How many CEO's do you know that will wait 31+ months to impact 35% of their revenue?  Not many from expeirence - especially if they work in a public company.  And how many CMO's will wait that long?  Probably less than the CEO's given their short life spans in their positions.

Just the same, abandoned shopping cart emails are worth their wait - and their weight in gold.  This is one of the lowest cost sources - most responsive segments you will find in your entire segmentation efforts.

Notes from the HubSpot S-1 IPO Filing | David Cummings on Startups

Great summary - one note to his comments.  In the old worlds of publishing and direct mail one of the "rules of thumb" in running these types of business:  "you lose money on the first order (acquisition) - break even on the second order (conversion as in customer conversion NOT lead conversion) - and make money on the "3rd order" or in publishing or subscription model the "3rd term".  This is clearly what HubSpot is experiencing.  They lose money on acquisition, break-even on conversion (I'm being generous here since they have piled up a large stack of losses and they are clearly using an "unloaded" cost analysis on their acquisition/conversation metrics); and finally make money on the 3rd term.

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