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A Real Big Real-Time Opportunity Awaits Marketers

Pretty interesting stuff when you consider what capabilities your digital marketing/messaging platform needs to have.  Does the same apply in the B2B world?  Possibly.  What would a purchasing agent do if he/she received a Free shipping offer or 90 days free financing or a "we've doubled your credit line" offer just as they were about to cut a PO?

Marketing Cloud data will appear in Wave | Matt Marshall

Meaningful and substantive, but you have read between the lines and apply it to your business.  When the software becomes interactive and maps the customer journey without human interaction then we'll be in the space where Watson from IBM lives.  Cognitive computing on a massive enterprise level is the requirement for global companies or even simply big brands.

Let's Get Weird...With Data | The ExactTarget Blog

Another cute way from Mr. Godin to define 1:1 marketing, relationship marketing, targeted marketing, personalization, etc.  It's not like this is anything new, but it is a good reminder.

It's also a very subtle way of saying, "let's market to our differences" instead of finding and marketing to the "common ground", similarities or sameness. Example, we are all part of the human family.  We all breath oxygen to survive.  We all require water.  We all require food.  We all need to be loved.

Yes, the bell curve above is an interesting chart, but let's get real - we're either all "weird" or we are all "human".

Putting the Life Back in Your Customer Lifecycle | ClickZ

Eleven questions = eleven months of work?  Perhaps.  It all depends on how big your company is, how many silo'd divisions you have and whether or not executive leadership buys into the notion that your customers need a cohesive branding experience.  IF you can pull this together, execution is the real bag-a-boo. :)  

Read the eleven questions posed here, then call us if you need help (602-692-3818).  Creating a customer lifecycle blueprint across a large enterprise is no easy task.  Even within a mid-sized company it can be a challenge.  It will take time, focus and concerted effort.

'I'm Mad as Hell...': My Top Email Marketing Pet Peeves

One more that I would add...if your data is junk don't expect miracles to happen overnight.  It's like asking a mechanic to spin a porche from the junk yard scrap heap.  He might be able to eventually get there, but it's going to take time, ingenuity and a lot of work.  So it is with your email efforts and a junk heap of data.  Get your data right if you want great results.

Study Finds 60% of Abandoned Cart Emails Generate Revenue | KoMarketing Associates

How many CEO's do you know that will wait 31+ months to impact 35% of their revenue?  Not many from expeirence - especially if they work in a public company.  And how many CMO's will wait that long?  Probably less than the CEO's given their short life spans in their positions.

Just the same, abandoned shopping cart emails are worth their wait - and their weight in gold.  This is one of the lowest cost sources - most responsive segments you will find in your entire segmentation efforts.

Map the Customer Buying Journey and Lifecycle. | 4Hoteliers

The best advice I could give to anyone embarking on customer lifecycle marketing, enabled with marketing automation is this - keep it simple.  The simpler the better.  Start slow.  Keep your expectations realistic...and get your analytics in place.  Very little is gained if your customer lifecycle marketing is so complex that you cannot derive predictable, reliable results.

Consider how you will build your control groups and apply the discipline of A/B splits and make sure your analytics will support it...and that it fits with what is happening in your customer lifecycle marketing.  

If not, a few months or years down the road, you'll have all this great technology deployed and will be flying by the seat of your pants with no idea of what actually produces revenues or profits.

Build it right.

ExactTarget Inc.: and Omnicom Announce First Ever CRM Alliance to Create an Integrated Customer Journey Platform

Noteworthy development.  Big scale. Big brands.  Big impact.  Assuming of course the people creating the strategies, doing the interaction designs and implementations understand how to bring together all pieces of this very large and very complicated set of tools and technologies.  This is going to take some time but it will be meaningful over the long haul.

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